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Where to get the raw materials? In the north of Europe there are interesting stores to buy raw materials for natural cosmetics like these German ones: 

Raw  shop, that you can also consult in English or French. Also, the skincare shop, although this one, unfortunately, you have to try to understand it in German:  or also And this one too:


And also the dutch store that distributes its products also in Belgium and Germany.

romazone 1

If you live in the Netherlands and understand a little French, I would also try the AROMA-ZONE store because it ships its products all over Europe at very competitive prices and they have good quality.

If you live in the UK, maybe, you can give a try to


In the naturallythinking store, they also have ingredients for natural cosmetics:

Also in this one:

This one is special for big quantities:

Some very specific products, such as “light mountain color the gray” dye or, perhaps even, grapefruit seed extract, you will only find them with an interesting value for money-shipping costs on the page of